1What is Hypershell exoskeleton?
Hypershell exoskeleton is a completely new category of powered exoskeleton product suitable for everyday life, travel, work and other walking scenarios. It is the most advanced and coolest exoskeleton gear available nowadays.
2How does Hypershell exoskeleton work?
The Hypershell exoskeleton is a smart wearable device that uses more than a dozen sensors to detect movement and an intelligent algorithm to control the electric motor to provide the power. Which generates two forces for leg lifting and leg pushing, as we show in the GIF of the omega system, Hypersehll driving two sets of dumbbell plates produces motion in both directions at the same time.
3How does Hypershell offset 30 kg?
1. The energy consumption during walking mainly comes from the ups and downs of the upper body. Hypershell provide assistance to the legs to help complete the upward movement of the body during walking. During this process, a peak vertical force of 30kg can be generated. 2. Hypershell can help you climb uphills. When walking on trails in the mountain(about 15 degrees), the maximum torque generated by Hypershell can generate a force component of about 30kg in the vertical direction, making you feel more relaxed on mountain trails.
4Is the Hypershell exoskeleton suitable for all body types?
The Hypershell exoskeleton was designed with universal adult sizes in mind and uses a telescopically adjustable design to cover about 80% of adult sizes.
5What is the battery life?
Around 16miles continuous walking for a single charge. Depending on your applications, our intelligent energy recovery system can collect energy to recharge the battery and extend the battery life.
6Is the battery removable?
Yes, you can replace it with another fully charged battery.
7Is Hypershell exoskeleton waterproof?
Yes, it has IP54 water and dust protection.
8How long does it take to put on and take off the Hypershell exoskeleton?
Hypershell exoskeleton is very easy to use, taking less than a minute to put on and less than 20 seconds to take off.
9What is the warranty?
Hypershell exoskeleton is covered by a one year limited warranty.
10Is Hypershell exoskeleton suitable for me or for medical use?
The function of Hypershell exoskeleton is to provide power to lift legs more easily. Currently, Hypershell exoskeleton is a consumer product without FDA approval. Therefore, it cannot replace any medical treatment or be used for any medical purpose.